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Carol McIntyre, Entwined Reds

Carol McIntyre

Imaginary Mindscapes that Inspire Exploration Curiosity is a treasure that Carol McIntyre has carried all of her life and into her paintings. Her current body of work, entitled “Unveiling the Invisible,” welcomes you to explore your inner world. The interplay of reality and fantasy, color and depth, shapes and texture creates what she calls a […]

Chantal Leblanc

Chantal Leblanc creates light-filled abstract paintings that are life-affirming. An ethereal atmosphere is achieve with soft strokes of muted colors…

Trixie Pitts, Wild Weather, oil on canvas, 48" x 48".

Trixie Pitts

Trixie Pitts creates dynamic lyrical abstract expressionist paintings with a masterful use of color, movement and spontaneity…